We the undersigned

This blog has been set up as a place where faithful practicing Catholic women may register their support for Catholic doctrine regarding women, in particular issues relating to sexuality, contraception, abortion, marriage and the male priesthood.

It is for women who accept that the teaching of the Catholic Church was revealed to us by Jesus Christ and handed down by the apostles, expressed in sacred scripture and tradition and is therefore not able to be modified or deleted. This is a place where women can joyfully testify to the freedom from oppression that accompanies an authentic God-given expression of sexuality and chastity.

If you agree with the statement below, please register your support in the comments box.

I am a faithful practicing Roman Catholic woman, who attends Mass at least once a week and who believes in and practices the Church’s teachings, specifically pertaining to matters on sexuality, contraception, abortion, marriage and the ordination of women. I believe that the Roman Catholic Church is sympathetic to and representative of the needs and concerns of women and their children, wherever they may be in the world. I would like to offer our new Pope Francis, my prayers and support and thank him for his continued protection and support of mothers and their unborn children. I fully endorse Church doctrine in relation to women’s issues.

This could be an amazing gift for the Year of Faith. Imagine if every single faithful Catholic woman were to pledge their solidarity to our new Pope and Church doctrine in one place. What a gift, blessing and comfort, not only for Pope Francis, but also for ALL the Catholic clergy, Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops, Monsignors, Priests, Deacons, as well as those members of the laity, who are engaged in catechesis. How heartening for them to see the fruits of their work and how loved, supported and appreciated they are by Catholic women everywhere.

Also, what an opportunity for catechesis this could be, in terms of promoting the New Feminism. If you do see this and you are a Catholic women who feels in good conscience that she cannot sign up, don’t leave a comment on this post, I’ll open up some other threads, and we can get debate going there, or better still, discuss it with your priest, or someone you know who can sign in good faith.

What a message to the Pope, to the Church and to the world and media at large. We, the undersigned Catholic women, have a love for Christ and his Church burning in our hearts and we do not wish to alter or change doctrine one little bit. We are empowered by a beautiful teaching that recognises us as having an equal dignity and sets us free to live in love and hope.

Failing to always live up to what the Church asks of us is no barrier to being able to sign and publicly endorse Church teaching, but this site aims to collate as many signatures and voices of support as possible, in order to bust the media myth wide open. We accept that the ideal is something worth attaining even if at times our sinful nature means that we fall short, but that does not mean that Church doctrine should be altered in order to validate or facilitate our shortcomings and sin.

Please do register your support in the comments box as well as pray for this initiative . This could be the start of something incredible.

Update: Women from ALL Catholic rites who are in communion with the Holy See are more than welcome to be a part of this initiative and pledge their support.


395 thoughts on “We the undersigned

    • Can’t find another way to comment but I just want to say that I am always dismayed when asked to sign a pledge or petition that uses the Protestant inspired name of the Church “Roman Catholic”. That is NOT the name of the Catholic Church. Please read this very clear explanation of how “Roman” came to be added to the correct name of the Church. In no documents at all, even of the Second Vatican Catastrophe, does the Church use the term “Roman Catholic”. Read here

      • I don’t agree. We are the Roman Catholic church because we hold allegiance with Rome. Most Catholics on the continent and beyond call themselves RC. Watch what is happening in the Catholic world and the possible and probable schism on marriages and homosexuality and you will understand why one will be either Catholic or Roman Catholic.

      • You can call the Church by whatever name you choose but the name that the Church calls herself is “Catholic” – and that from the earliest times, as pointed out in the article I linked to above.

        Why any Catholic would want to go along with the new name given by the Protestant Reformers to back up their branch heresy – that the Church is made up of many branches of which the Roman Church is but one part, beats me. I belong to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church – end of. Only those Catholics who are born in Rome, are in fact Roman Catholics. I’m a Scots Catholics – where were you born?

      • arguing about the church’s name is rather clouding the issue and smacks of infighting. The church is called Roman Catholic because heretics also call themselves Catholic but we are actually just Christians. Would be nice if we could just be Christians again. Lets pray for unity.

      • What kind of Catholic thinks that there are other “Catholics” who are not in the one Church of Christ? You are actually spouting the branch heresy. Gerragrip. The Church NOWHERE describes herself as “Roman Catholic” – did you READ the article I linked in my original post on this topic?

        Look, if you want to call the Church by a different name, that’s up to you. Just don’t claim that that is the name of the Church – it’s not “infighting” – it’s making sure that you do not lead others into the heresy of thinking that the Catholic Church based in Rome, is but one branch of the Catholic Church. That’s heresy. There IS only one Catholic Church. Gerranothergrip!

      • I didn’t say it was heresy to call the Church “Roman Catholic” – it’s just inaccurate. That is NOT the name of the Church. I think it’s weird to want to use a name which is NOT the name of any person, thing or Church! The Protestant reformers wished to push their branch theory and that is why the Church – at Trent – went out of its way to ensure that nowhere in any document did the Church refer to herself as “Roman Catholic” and even in the Second Vatican Catastrophe, no documents describe the Church by that name.

        Have you read the EWTN article I posted earlier?

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with the teachings of the Catholic Church as the One, True Church founded by Jesus Christ and will be a part of this Church to the end of my days.

  2. Thank you for setting this up. Count me in too. If the world valued women like us and our vocation more, it wouldn’t keep asking for women priests!

  3. Eve is God’s final and highest creation. Women lead the world in virtue. Women who are faithful to the Church will lead others back to it.

  4. Hi there,

    We are trying to spread the word about our petition to the Holy See, supporting Cardinal Burke’s exhortations to priests to apply Canon Law # 915 to politicians (and others) who are publicly protesting Catholic teaching and morals, voting for abortion and same sex marriage.

    You can reach the petition via the link on our homepage, and read the text/sign the petition there. I hope you will publicize this for us, as it is a matter of much concern to us all, worldwide. http://www.catholictruthscotland.com

    Thank you

  5. This looks good! I have been known to hop on the proverbial soapbox and complain about the dreadful damage done to women by the secular feminists, at considerable length. This looks like a much better place to be!

  6. I as a single Roman Catholic Christian have always accepted Church Teaching on everything because as a revert I had to learn the Faith by myself. We are not Protestants who believe you can pick and choose whatever you want but not us Catholics. This whole problem started with the Bishops in 1967 with the excuse of academic freedom and then a year later with the Winnepeg Statement where for the first time they used the follow your conscience mantra. Jesus says Whoever Hears You Hears Me. Its as simple as that. If we don’t accept and believe through our own deliberate fault, we will not be saved we will lose our souls in Hell for all eternity. While the mainstream culture and Hollywood does play a big part the vast majority of Catholic woman look to their local priest and the weekly homily and heard nothing of substance on these issue. Luckily for me I saw in my Church bulletin the word CONTRACEPTION a first I can remember this priest also used the word Original Sin in another bulletin. We must as lay Catholic Women demand our pastors speak the Church of course in love but also with Firmness not just on why the teaching is there but the consequences of not following it which is where we are at with the whole same sex marriage

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