A place for practicing Catholic women who support  the Church’s teaching on sexuality, contraception, abortion, marriage and the ordination of women, to stand up and be counted.

This blog has been set up as a gift to Pope Francis upon his election to the papacy and is intended to thank him and all members of the clergy and laity  within the Catholic Church who support and promote the inherent dignity of women and children.

It is a place of joyful apologetics and witness. Women should not feel afraid to post comments stating if there are areas of doctrine with which they struggle. All genuine enquiries will be met with a spirit of caritas, the aim is to further understanding and empower women to live out their vocations as unique and beloved children of God, distinct from men, but entirely equal.

All Catholic women in communion with the Holy See are invited to express their support, not just those from the Roman rite.


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  1. What a wonderful idea! The misapprehension that women are treated as inferiors in the Catholic Church has been in need of a strong (but charitable) rebuttal for a long time. Thank you for doing this! As a 25-year-old Catholic woman (who hopes for the grace to become a religious sister someday) I can certainly offer my prayers and support to this blog. God bless you!

  2. God bless this endeavor. I am a faithful Catholic women, 75, who steadfastly defends the teaching of Christ through His church. I have lived long enough to frequently offend the Lord, come back to Him, beg His forgiveness, feel unworthy of that forgiveness, do penance and try to amend my life. As a wife, mother and grandmother I have witnessed the fruits of my parenting; some positive, some negative. But God’s gift of faith to me has enabled me to do my best and trust that He will make perfect my imperfect offerings. My age has also allowed me to see the negative impact, as explained by various Popes, that deviating from Church teaching causes. I am so grateful for my Catholic faith.

  3. None can offer faith so beautifully, and witness to it authentically as done by a woman… faith becomes so sweet and convincing. No wonder why God Himself had chosen to be born of Blessed Virgin Mary [and not appear just at rand in the desert or drop Himself from the sky, He could have done that if He wanted ], and our Blessed Risen Lord had chosen to show Himself to Mary Magdalene. In fact both these historical events [Incarnation and Resurrection] are crucial to our faith in the Church, and in instances, the Lord elevated the true dignity of woman.

    The very fact that the Church continues to hold Mother Mary dear to her Heart and calling her as the ‘Mother of the Church’, for she was not only the mid-wife to bring forth the Church at Pentecost, Christ Himself had given her to us as Mother at Calvary, and we as her children. She continues to guide the Church and protect it under mantle. These and many more evidenced inferences certainly highlight that the Church always elevated the dignity of woman, and she continues to do.

    This is amazing blog, lots of faith-formation takes place.

    This 3rd millennium belongs to the laity, and women would play the most crucial role both to protect and transmit the faith… in this acid secularistic culture and ‘dictatorship of relativism’, and the effects brought forth by sexual revolution – abortion, gay marriage, contraception, etc. which would ruin the very root of society, viz. the Family. The Catholic woman has tremendous work to carry forward to strengthen the Church and give life to her against several odds it continues to battle.

    All the best, Mary, Mother of God and our Mother is with us… go and conquer the hearts of men and women of our contemporary society and bring them to Chirst in the Church.

  4. Let us direct our support to the church and not focus on how many women have top positions within its walls. We know it holds women in the highest esteem and protects life and family at all stages with respect and dignity.

  5. I am webmaster of our parish website at Our Lady, Star of the Sea, Weymouth. Catholic Women Rising is very appropriate to today and have I put a link on our website.

    I would like to share with you a point made in 1936 to the CWL by Miss Sparrow, then Head Teacher at St Augustine’s primary school in Weymouth. The point she made was striking enough to be recorded in their minutes, which I rescued from their archives.

    Miss Sparrow argued that biologically, mentally and spiritually, woman at her best, was a mental uplifter to the world. It was woman’s mission to lead Man heavenwards.

    Miss Sparrow has long gone to her reward, but this seems to chime with the aims of your excellent initiative!

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